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When it comes to Martial Arts, nothing compares to Shorindokai Karate. Not convinced? Come check us out and see for yourself!

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Shorindokai Karate: Family Martial Arts Center

Shorindokai Karate: Family Martial Arts Center is a welcoming community rooted in teamwork. We’re united through passion for martial arts, offering karate, Judo, and Total Fighting Concepts Jujitsu programs. Our students support each other during training to cultivate an environment devoted to self-improvement, not competition. Our goal is to instill good character, improve lifestyle, and teach self-defense. Unlock your full potential with martial arts classes in Greenville, South Carolina!

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Why It Matters:

At Shorindokai Karate: Family Martial Arts Center, we stand apart from the crowd. Here are a few of the advantages of our martial arts training that you won’t find elsewhere:

  • Self-Defense

    Our catalog of martial arts classes will build a foundation of self-defense techniques. We prioritize safety over competition.
  • Focus

    Martial arts training will instill individuals with skills on and off the mat. Students will be well-equipped for school, work, and life overall.
  • Family

    Our training structure focuses on teamwork and motivating your training partners. We uplift each other to constantly grow together.
  • Discipline

    Shorindokai Karate: Family Martial Arts Center strives to craft strong individuals who value truth, honor, and respect.
  • Martial Arts

    We offer a variety of martial arts classes such as karate, Judo, and TFC Jujitsu in Greenville.

Learn More About Us:

About Us:

Shorindokai Karate: Family Martial Arts Center improves character through self-defense focused classes.

Our students have improved confidence and uphold our school values with honor and respect. Martial arts training at Shorindokai Karate will develop perseverance that carries them through school, work, and life. We work together to reach your full potential.

Our History:

Carrying on his family’s legacy, Josh Owens reopened Shorindokai Karate: Family Martial Arts Center in 2014 when he returned from the military.

Josh’s father founded Shorindokai but ultimately had to close the school due to his own health. Josh was inspired by his father and their shared passion for the integrity of martial arts. After coming back home, Josh knew that teaching was his passion and he wanted to revisit his roots and 37 years of martial arts training.

What Are Students Saying

  • Affordable and the instructors are very kind and knowledgeable. I highly recommend!

    Kristen H.


  • I loved it and sent my own children there to build their confidence and learn to combat bullies in school if that were ever to arise.

    Brandon C.


  • The instructor is amazing and puts his all into teaching the Art of self defense, respect and honor.

    Cheryl E.

    Parent & Student

  • He teaches hard work, discipline, respect, self worth and self control, how to handle a failure and much more.

    Kate M.


  • I am so pleased with the way the instructor teaches, he is dedicated, patient and does an amazing job teaching our child Karate.

    James B.