Affliations & Recognition

We are accredited and affiliated with the World Wide Martial Arts Association (WWMAA) originally founded as the United States Martail Arts Association (USMAA).

USMAA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Founder of the Year: 2003, Senior Master Gary Owens

In Memorium to our mentor and friend, O’Sensi Porter, who’s guidance and leadership were instrumental in the development of the style of Shorindokai Karate.

O’Sensei Philip S. Porter
Honorary Eternal Grand Master, Shorindokai Karate

10th Degree Black Belt Judo

10th Degree Black Belt, Shorindokai Karate (Honorary)

O’Sensei Porter is considered by many to be the ‘Father of American Judo,’ “producing over 1,000 national and international medalists in Judo, 500 of them during the eight years he coached the National Judo Team at the National Judo Institute.  No other coach in America has even approached this record” (Quote courtesy of the WWMAA website). 

more about O’Sensi Porter and the WWMAA 

Sensei Makoid, is the president of the World Wide Martial Arts Association, as well as  O’Sensei Porter’s top student and successor. His mentorship, guidance, and friendship to both Hanshi Gary Owens, and Sensei Josh Owens have been invaluable to the continued development and growth of our school and the style of Shorindokai Karate.  We are honored to have him as our Honorary Grandmaster. 

Sensei Michael Makoid
Honorary Grandmaster Shorindokai Karate

10th Degree Black Belt Judo

10th Degree Black Belt Shorindokai Karate (Honorary)


About the WWMAA

“The Mission of the WWMAA is to unify American Martial Arts in spirit by offering services and guidance to all Martial Artists and to educate the general public in the Spirit of Budo. With more than 10,000 members, the WWMAA is the center of American Martial Arts. It is the only organization devoted to all Martial Arts without exception. We are the rallying point for all leaders, whatever their arts, who are devoted to the true spirit of Budo.”

To learn more please visit the World Wide Martial Arts Association website here.

About the MAUA

“The Martial Arts Unlimited Association began in Tokyo, Japan in 1999 when there was a demand for martial artists of many different styles to be united under one name. We do not believe there is one dominating style that will outdo any other discipline nor do we discriminate anyone based on their discipline.  Our mission now is to unite martial artists from around the world regardless of style into one organization. Not only does Martial Arts Unlimited represent an openness to build and develop skill, friendships and networks, we also represent quality.”  

To learn more please visit the Martial Arts Unlimited Association website here.

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