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Here you can learn more about Shorindokai Karate! Shorindokai Karate: Family Martial Arts Center is the prime place to take high-quality Martial Arts classes in Greenville, SC.

While we teach martial arts techniques, we also instill integrity. Our students’ belts are earned with hard work, grit, determination, and skill – nothing less. We won’t let our students take on the world with a false sense of security and ensure they will receive quality self-defense instruction.

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Shorindokai Karate: Family Martial Arts Center


Our instructors have over 50 years of combined experience and we’re the only school teaching a consistent Judo program in upstate South Carolina. Along with Shorindokai Karate and TFC Jujitsu programs, we provide the most diverse selection of martial arts classes in the area. Meet the team below!

School Owner & Head Instructor

Sensei Joshua W. Owens

Josh began learning martial arts as a young child.  His father, Gary, taught him Shorin-ryu Karate, judo and jujitsu.  When he was 11, he and his whole family began to study Taekwondo.   Mr. Owens began teaching at 13 and quickly found a love and passion for teaching and helping people reach their goals.    In 2002, Josh helped his father found the style of Shorindokai Karate by writing the 1st curriculum. Josh taught alongside his father at his father’s school, also called Shorindokai Karate, until mid 2004, when he left for service in the U.S. Army.  Gary closed his school in 2009 due to failing health. Josh returned home in 2014, and reopened Shorindokai Karate in its current location on the northside of Greenville.

Josh has trained with his family all of his life.  He met his wife Jessica while training in Taekwondo. To this day he continues to teach and train with his wife and children.  He believes that there is significant value to families training together.  As such, he changed the school name to Shorindokai Karate: Family Martial Arts Center in 2021.

Josh holds black belts in Shorindokai Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, Shorin-ryu and TFC jujitsu, as well as an instructor certification in the Modern Army Combatives program. Josh is currently on the board of directors of the World Wide Martial Arts Association and is the Judo division director for the Martial Arts Unlimited Association.

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Assistant Instructor

Holly Mosier

Ms. Holly, began her training in Judo in the 70s. She was an avid competitor in the art throughout the 70s and 80s. Ms. Holly put her training on hold for some time in favor of service in the Air Force and building a family. Ms. Holly returned to Judo at Shorindokai Karate: Family Martial Arts Center in 2016. Since then, Ms. Holly has expanded to training in Shorindokai Karate and TFC Jujitsu. She officially joined the staff as an instructor in 2018.

Ms. Holly holds black belts in Judo and Shorindokai Karate. She is currently a green belt in TFC Jujitsu.

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Assistant Instructor

Jeremy Epps

Mr. Jeremy began his study of martial arts in his teenage years in Kuk Sool Won, where he earned his brown belt.  Having learned the benefits of martial arts training when he was a young man, he first encouraged his daughter, Lilah, to take up karate in 2017.  A year later he opted to join Lilah in training as an activity that they could share together.  Mr. Jeremy began helping his daughter work on her skills before class and very soon started helping the other students too. Through this, Mr. Jeremy found he really enjoyed teaching and that he especially enjoyed working with children.  He officially joined the staff as an instructor in 2020.

Jeremy is currently a red belt in Shorindokai Karate and hopes to take the test for his 1st degree black belt soon.

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About Shorindokai Karate's


Carrying on his family’s legacy, Josh Owens reopened Shorindokai Karate: Family Martial Arts Center in 2014 when he returned from the military.

Josh’s father founded Shorindokai Karate but ultimately had to close the school due to his own health. Josh was inspired by his father and their shared passion for the integrity of martial arts. After coming back home, Josh knew that teaching was his passion and he wanted to revisit his roots and 37 years of martial arts training.

Within two years of ownership, Josh brought Judo to the academy. Then in 2020, he added TFC Jujitsu to the school’s mix of martial arts programs. Even though Shorindokai Karate: Family Martial Arts Center has grown tremendously, Josh continues to share the values of martial arts with the next generation.

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