Shorindokai Karate

Ages 5 & Up

A realistic, self-defensive martial arts program designed to give our students the skills necessary to recognize and avoid conflict, as well as defend themselves if a situation becomes physical.

Students learn the art of Shorindokai Karate, which encompasses techniques from Judo, Jujitsu, Taekwondo, and Shorin-ryu Karate. Classes are taught through both traditional and contemporary training techniques. We offer classes for Families to train together, as well as Kid and Teen/Adult specific class times.

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Shorindokai Karate - Ages 5 & Up

What is Shorindokai Karate:

Shorindokai is a comprehensive martial arts program offered by Shorindokai Karate: Family Martial Arts Center, designed to equip students aged 5 and up with practical self-defense skills while fostering an understanding of conflict avoidance. This program draws its techniques from a variety of disciplines, including Judo, Jujitsu, Taekwondo, and Shorin-ryu Karate. By integrating elements from these diverse martial arts, students are provided with a versatile skill set that addresses a wide range of potential scenarios.

Why Train Shorindokai Karate:

At the heart of Karate is the philosophy of recognizing and preventing conflict whenever possible. This program empowers students with the tools and strategies to assess potentially dangerous situations and respond appropriately. By instilling confidence and situational awareness, students can make informed decisions that prioritize personal safety. Additionally, Karate promotes mental and physical discipline, enhancing self-esteem, focus, and resilience.

Kids Shorindokai Karate:

The Kids Karate classes are tailored to children aged 5 and above, offering a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Through age-appropriate instruction, kids develop foundational martial arts skills while also learning vital life skills such as discipline, respect, and teamwork. Classes blend traditional and contemporary teaching methods to ensure a well-rounded experience that captures children’s attention and enthusiasm.

Teens & Adult Shorindokai Karate:

The Teens & Adult Karate program caters to adolescents and grown-ups seeking comprehensive self-defense training and personal development. This program emphasizes refining techniques and strategies drawn from various martial arts styles, allowing participants to cultivate a deep understanding of effective self-defense. Classes are structured to accommodate various skill levels, ensuring that beginners and experienced practitioners alike can benefit from the curriculum.

Family Training Opportunities:

The Family Martial Arts Center is proud to offer families the chance to train together in the Karate program. This unique opportunity allows family members of different ages and skill levels to bond over shared learning experiences, all while gaining valuable self-defense skills and fostering unity within the family unit.

Traditional & Contemporary Training:

Shorindokai Karate classes incorporate a blend of traditional martial arts practices and modern teaching methodologies. Students engage in time-honored forms, katas, and techniques that are integral to martial arts history. Additionally, contemporary training methods, including partner drills, sparring, and practical scenario exercises, ensure that students develop the ability to adapt their skills to real-world situations.

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